Facebook Advertising Automation Tools

11 April, 2019

1. Introduction

The current document is written in order to compare different automation tools that could help and support advertisers on Facebook. We will review the most commonly used tools for this purpose and evaluate their benefits and pricing. Based on that we would make a recommendation on the best tool that can support the paid advertising across Facebook’s platform.

2. Tools selected

There are a lot of tools that we can rely on. However, in order to deliver the best results and experience we will focus on the most used tools for Facebook advertising automation. Our main focus will be the following platforms: – ROI Hunter – Revealbot – AdEspresso – Shoelace Each platform offers different benefits of automation when it comes to paid advertising, which we will look into more detail below.

3. Tools benefits and features

ROI Hunter – The first impression when you first see the tool is that it offers so much personalization. And this is not away from the truth. The tool is probably the best solution when it comes to remarketing campaign creatives. It allows you to customize different ad formats (missing in other platforms) and even making a remarketing DPA slideshows and customizable videos. On top of that the tool has its own drag and drop builder, to easily customize your creative even further. Another great feature is the auto UTM tagging, which helps better tracking among other platforms such as Google Analytics. Last but not least the platform offers creating audiences based on different events. The usability of the platform is fairly friendly and easy-to-understand. However, it has some features like Automatic Rules which need more advance understanding of Facebook advertising to make any sense of using them.

RevealBot – The platform focuses heavily on campaign optimization and ad spend, and offers advanced automation setup. With this tool one can setup different metric-based automations that allow you to effectively manage the campaigns. The main features that the platform allows are: – Automation and alerts (rule based) – Auto post boosting – Bulk ads creation – Post ID export (for social proof stacking) But, of course, the platform offers much more than that. There are also different optimization options, integrations and a good reporting system. Compared to the other platforms, however, ReavealBot is setup as a platform for more advanced advertisers, and it won’t be much helpful to business owners in terms of management. As overall, the platform is probably the best for advertisers to manage campaigns in bulk, but is not very user-friendly when it comes to an average users.

AdEspresso – The tool is one of the most well know tools across the Facebook advertisers community. The platform allows to make split tests in bulk and has some cool features including asset manager, automated post boosting system, approval campaign feature and others. As with most of the other platforms, you can connect Google Adwords accounts as well. The platform has different solutions for different businesses – agencies, ecommerce stores, small businesses and freelancers. The ecommerce solution allows you to create DPA’s and integrate CRM data to create custom audience easily. Again one can use rules to automate the management of the campaigns. Although the platform is promoted as “user friendly” I personally find it difficult to work with, which is why I’d rank the tool as the least “user friendly” solution among the currently reviewed.

Shoelace – The tool says that it combines AI strategy suggestions with human assistance to deliver the best results possible. It gives you a personalized funnel suggestions, having in mind the store it’s integrated with. As with other platforms, again here we can see suggestions for optimization based on past performance. Shoelace integrates fairly easy with other tools such as Mailchimp, Google Analytics and other. The best feature of the tool is the “smart automation” feature which makes suggestions for a customized retargeting campaigns.

Feature/CompanyROI HunterRevealBotAdEspressoShoelace
Manage AdsYesYesYesYes
Auto optimizationYesYesYesYes
Optimization suggestionsNoNoYesYes
Single Image AdsYesYesYesYes
Carousel AdsYesYesYesYes
Slideshow AdsYesNoNoNo
Video AdsYesNoNoNo
User ExperienceMediumHardHardEasy
Level of expertise neededAdvancedExpertNewbieNewbie
USP-Video editor
-Dynamic slideshow
-Video collections
-Product Catalog Manager
-Auto UTM tags
-Rules optimization
-Offline data
-CRM integration
-Auto boost posts
-Using Rules
-Slack Integration
-Auto boost posts
-Account access management
-Asset manager
-Synchronized CRM
-Optimization suggestions
-Store integration
-Ai strategy + human assistance
-Funnel suggestions
-Optimization suggestions
-Auto boost posts
-Multiple integrations

4. Pricing

Ad Spent/CompanyROI HunterRevealBotAdEspressoShoelace
$3,000On request$99
40k visitors (no ad spent limit)$199
80k visitors (no ad spent limit)$399
160k visitors (no ad spent limit)$699
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